Outreach Programs

WCB Senior Outreach Program

This program did not continue during the pandemic. However, we would certainly, based on demand, be excited to offer it again.

According to www.careing.com, there are 31 assisted living facilities in Westchester. The Centers for Disease Control estimates 10% of seniors residing in assisted living facilities are legally blind and the estimate is modest and expected to rise in the next 5 years.

Our chapter is stepping up by reaching out and visiting residents in assisted living facilities who are legally blind. We offer peer support and strategies for activities of daily living for senior residents. Our members help by providing information and demonstrating realistic strategies as well as instructing staff and
residents how to manage everyday tasks without the benefit of sight. We can answer questions like, how do I read my prescription bottles? How can I read books if I can’t read regular print any longer? These important questions, along with the answers are part of our program. We share examples of other ideas and high and low-tech tools with residents who live with moderate to significant vision loss or blindness. We believe sharing everyday coping strategies will benefit residents and assist them in keeping them engaged, active and independent.

Would you like our group to visit your facility? Just Email us at

We welcome donations in order to expand our all-volunteer programs. Your generosity will assist WCB with supplies and transportation costs on behalf of our volunteer members and keeping our chapter functioning to its best ability. Thank you for your support.