About Us

Westchester Council of the Blind

WCBNY 2018 Officers and Directors

President: Maria Samuels
2nd Term (ends December 2021)

Vice President: Ann Chiappetta
2nd Term (ends December 2021)

Treasurer: James Pulsoni
(Unlimited Term)

Secretary: Rich Laine
2nd term (ends December 2021)

Martin Cahill (1st term, ends 2021)
Joseph Granderson
(2nd Term, ends 2021)
Jim Kiernan (1st Term, ends December 2021)
Rita Pulsoni (2nd Term, ends December 2021)

A voice for vision loss

Westchester Council of the Blind of New York www.wcbny.org

Chartered by our State Affiliate, the American Council of the Blind of New York, WCBNY consists of blind and visually impaired volunteer members. Through a network of advocacy and support, WCBNY focuses on the needs of people living with visual impairment. We strive to be a voice for all people who struggle with physical and attitudinal barriers resulting from those who don’t understand blindness. Our members volunteer and take part in important initiatives concerning people with disabilities in Westchester County like emergency preparedness, transportation, vision loss awareness presentations,
and accessible and safe streets.

Did you know the number of People in the U.S. living with blindness and visual impairment will increase by 20% by the year 2020? We want to be there to keep as many people as independent as possible and we know how to help because we live without the benefit of sight. We are the voice of vision loss and we want to share our knowledge and experience with your organization or group. We offer informational presentations, related to living and working with blindness and low vision, and much more.

If you are someone living with blindness or you know someone who wants to connect with us, via email president@wcbny.org or call 914-355-9930